Best information about Online Sicbo betting types and probability

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Sic bo is an ancient Chinese gambling game. How to play sicbo the word Sic bo means ‘dice pair’. It is quite popular in Macau. In the united states, it is found in the Asian gaming rooms, mainly in Atlantic city. In Las Vegas, it is found at the only single table in the general casino. Best information about Online Sicbo betting types and probability, There is a table with the variety of betting options on the roll of the used three dice. The table layout and odds might differ from place to place but the payouts are similar all over Macau and Atlantic city. However, they are different from each other. The different types of betting have the different rate of payouts varying from casino to casino.

Small: Wins on 4-10 except for winning 3 of a kind. Winning probability is 48.61%. Pays 1 to 1. 2.78% is the house edge.
Big: Except for three of a kind, wins on total 11-17. 48.61% is the winning probability and pays 1 to 1. House edge is 2.78%.
Odd/even: Odd or even is not easily available at every table however the house is same as for the big/small and this too is lost if the dice is triple rolled. 1 to 1 is the payout.

Best information about Online Sicbo betting types and probability

Best information about Online Sicbo betting types and probability

Best information about Online Sicbo betting types and probability

Big or small is the best types of bets having a similar house edge which is 2.78%. If even or odd bets are available, they also have the similar edge that is 2.78%.
Triple: The three dice land on the same number on which the bets are placed in online casino Malaysia. There could be six possible triple bets i.e 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666. On a specific triple, a single bet pays 150 to 1.
Any triple: If the outcome is other than specific triple this bet is played. It pays out 24 to 1.

Double: If the two dice have the similar value then the bet is played at the outcome. If the two dice are a correct double then the bet is won. These bets usually pay 8 to 1.
Two dice sequence: On a roll having two specific dice this bet is played. For instance, 2 & 1, 5 & 1, 3 & 6. The possible combinations are 15 and if the two chosen numbers are rolled then the bet is won. It pays 5 to 1.
Any number: At the table of Sic bo the last betting type is one number which goes from 1 to 6. If you get a correct number on more of a dice then you win. Normally the win is 1 to 1 for a single match, 2-1 for a double and 3-1 for a three dice match.
Common probability misconception
Many gamblers commit a common mistake which is reading too much into the patterns. For instance, if the payout has remained big for the last few rolls, they play small for the next one considering the fact that small will come next to too many bigs. However, this is not the case. Payout of any roll does not depend on over the previous one. Each roll has equal chances of getting any particular payout. Do not lose your money by assuming that the next roll depends on the previous one and playing the wrong bet.

Sic bo is a casino game. Some basic betting types and probability is mentioned in this article to help any beginner get better information about Sic bo, however observing always helps in understanding more conveniently. The game is quite interesting if played smartly and for fun. Big and small are the best types of bets in this game and quite popular too.

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