Coach the Volleyball Players Using the Tricks and Tips

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Coach the Volleyball Players Using the Tricks and Tips, For playing the volleyball the team needs six members while playing the match. The players with 14 members are allowed to play by the roster. In case if any of the players gets hurt then they are replaced with the substitutes. While serving the ball the player can select any type of serving process such as Jump, underhand and overhand. While serving the ball the players must stay in the serving zone they should not cross the serving zone. The services will be present behind the end line. For giving the proper coach to the player now we will see some of the tips and tricks.

Coach the Volleyball Players Using the Tricks and Tips

Coach the Volleyball Players Using the Tricks and Tips

Coach the Volleyball Players Using the Tricks and Tips

Wait and smash: In every game it is very important if you can wait and guess where the opponent is going to hit as there is very less time in fast games and usually it is a matter of few milliseconds. If you can wait rightly you can be few steps ahead of your opponent and it will ultimately result in victory. So you must try to know what is going in the mind of opponent by carefully watching his/her eyes. For this you have to ask the blocker to carefully watch the hands of player, who is setting up the smash, so that he can guess which would be position of the smasher and then the blocker should adjust by themselves in the suitable place. When the smasher goes in the air, the player will definitely have a look at the gap of place where they will hit. So the blocker must jump in that area and the ball will be successfully blocked.

Avoid your opponent with sudden movement: This is very important to play with the mind of your opponent and bluff them with your shots. They would not be expecting such type of a shot and will not be able to anticipate. For this the decision should be made as late as possible and there should be too many planned shots. When your opponents are expecting you to smash very hard you should act as if you are going to hitting it and then back out at the last moment. The blockers will jump but then one of your partners can drop the ball slowly in your opponent’s courts and they would lose the point. There should be very understanding and coordination between the partners because it will make them look like a fool if none of them end up hitting it. So you may have the signal or call for this purpose and let them now that you will not hit the ball so that they can be prepared for it.

Function of Libero: To receive the serve there is the smallest player in Volleyball who is called the Libero. His only purpose is to defend the smashes and shots and cannot serve and smash. The Libero must be wearing a different shirt from other players so that umpire can easily identify him/her. The Libero must be very agile and quick so he/she must have practice to reach every corner of the court. They must know how to pick out the smash and sometimes to dive. A Libero must wear something on the knees and the elbows for the protection or else they may end up hurting themselves very badly. A Libero must dive in a way that he/she is in the best position to get up very quickly. Because a smash can be followed by another fast shot soon, so they must be in a position to adjust and be ready for the next shot which is coming up.

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